Paul Krugman and the Flag Burners

There’s been a good amount of reaction to the blog post put up by Paul Krugman at the NY Times today. There’s been less reaction to the story that’s linked below Krugman’s on memorandum as I write:

A group of Muslim protesters set fire to an American flag outside the US embassy in London during a minute’s silence to mark the moment that the first hijacked airliner hit the World Trade Center 10 years ago.

You expect some Muslims fanatics to burn a US flag somewhere on any given day. You expect some irrational, angry leftist like Paul Krugman to post some irrational, angry bile on a day like today. So we don’t get particularly shocked or outraged by either event.

We tend to agree with William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection:

That’s how they feel, so in a sense I’m glad Krugman gave voice to it on this day. They can’t stand the fact that the attacks on 9/11 proved that their world view was wrong, and every mention of 9/11 is like a thorn in their political sides.

Clarity about how leftists like Krugman think and what they believe about America is important, especially important as we approach an election year. We should encourage them to be as open and honest about their real views as possible.

Update: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air isn’t outraged either:

It’s nothing Krugman wouldn’t say (and probably does say) the other 364 days out of the year, and Krugman says it in pretty much the same vacuous manner of the everyday sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome. After reading this, you seriously have to remind yourself that the New York Times pays Krugman to write it; this wouldn’t even pass muster for a Letter to the Editor at most newspapers. It’s so trite, sad, and cliched that it’s hardly worth the effort to rebut. He’s mailing this in from 2003. It’s as if Krugman hasn’t bothered to think about 9/11 in the past ten years at all, which says a lot more about Krugman than it does about 9/11.

One response to “Paul Krugman and the Flag Burners

  1. I completely agree with Prof. Jacobson and the author of this blog.

    We should look upon Krugman’s hateful words as a precious gift.

    Have you ever gotten the feeling that Obama goes to great lengths to craft his words to conceal what he is actually thinking? This is because Obama, and many other Democratic leaders, think exactly like Krugman. They, however, unlike Krugman, employ hypocritical decency in order not to inflame people with their utter contempt for anything but uber-liberal doctrine.

    We should be immensely thankful for Krugman because he is taking what all the other Democratic leaders are actually thinking and putting it into words we can all easily understand.

    After the elections of 2008, when the Democrats had complete control of both houses of Congress and the Whitehouse, they were able to take their utopian liberal dreams and put them into place though laws and policies unencumbered by any conservative (bipartisan) interference. They had the perfect opportunity to follow Krugman’s advice to the letter. Yet, in doing so they created the worst economic conditions this nation has ever suffered since its founding. The moral of the story should be clear – extreme liberals have no business governing America because their philosophy is born of hate and resentment for people of accomplishment.

    The NYT has given us a great gift in publishing this man’s thoughts. He not only speaks for many Democratic leaders, he truly represents many in New York City, the epicenter of uber liberal thought.

    BTW – Under Krugman’s logic, when “fake heroes” like Clinton and Gore made speeches after Columbine, they too were just cashing in on the tragedy, is that right? Did he say that at the time?