Real Marriage Loses in New York

So last night the state legislature of New York chose to radically redefine marriage in their state law away from its most basic roots as a male-female institution. Worse, they chose to ignore the rights of individuals to follow their own consciences and reject this new definition according to their own values and religious views. They included some window-dressing protections for religious organizations in order to fool a few more legislators into voting for the bill, but no protections for individuals.

This is a sad day for America. But the fight must go on to keep the contagion from spreading further into other states.

The unmarried Governor of NY, Andrew Cuomo, who pushed very hard to destroy the institution he obviously has no respect for himself, claimed after the vote, “… The other states look to New York for the progressive direction.”

This is just arrogant nonsense, of course. No one outside of New York looks to New York for anything but a cautionary example.

It’s obviously too late now to convince those “Republicans” who voted yes to change their votes, but cutting them off and running them out of office can serve as a strong example for wishy-washy Republicans in other jurisdictions. The fight must continue in (hopefully) more sensible places than New York.

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