Alan Colmes’ LoonyLand

Via memeorandum, we noticed this hilarious/pathetic post on Alan Colmes’ website:

The Right’s Hypocrisy About Rap Music and Common

The right wing, desperate to find reasons to attack President Obama, has been going crazy because the rapper Common appeared at a White House poetry event.

Conservative critics are blasting tonight’s White House poetry event for including a rapper named Common, whose lyrics have blasted former President George W. Bush — “burn Bush” — and celebrated a former Black Panther convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper.

The New Jersey state police union is protesting is protesting Common’s appearance at poetry, as is 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.


Of course one can’t expect Sarah Palin, and many white conservatives, to understand how rap music gives voice to a population that is often mistreated by authorities.

And the right has a short memory, conveniently forgetting their own associations which don’t seem to trouble them. Eazy-E of NWA, famous for the song “F…Tha Police”, attended an invitation-only lunch with the first president Bush in 1991 ….

The utter stupidity of the post is hard to overstate. First, how in the world is it “hypocrisy” (perhaps the most overused and misused word in the left-wing lexicon) for any conservative in 2011 to criticize this current event, because President Bush had lunch with some other rapper in the early 1990s? That’s just absurd. (Colmes is one of many on the left who considered it out of bounds to bring up Obama’s decades-long, close association with his racist pastor, Jeremiah Wright. But Sarah Palin, indeed all conservatives, are responsible for who Bush had lunch with in 1991? Talk about hypocrisy.)

Second, how would any sane person characterize the New Jersey state police union as “the right wing”? Of course this is a rhetorical question.

Third, how about that condescending, even somewhat racist, dig “Of course one can’t expect Sarah Palin, and many white conservatives, to understand…”? Of Course! Who among us could possibly understand the mean streets of the inner city like Alan Colmes does! Nice touch Homes, I mean Colmes!

Finally, American society really is in sad shape if it’s really considered “right wing” to oppose the celebration of someone who murdered a police officer. Fortunately, we don’t think Alan Colmes has that much influence.

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