Allegations of racist shouts at anti-health care “reform” protest rally in DC

When leftists/Democrats get backed into a corner, you can always expect them to play the race card. We now have allegations from a few Democrats that racial and other slurs were shouted at congressmen by a few people in the crowd protesting against the impending takeover of America’s health care system. The Democrats’ propaganda wing of leftist blogs and media outlets like MSNBC have gone into high gear pushing the story, trying to smear all the protesters as extremists, bigots, etc. A few thoughts:

  • Without evidence, we don’t accept the allegations. The Democrats and their media allies have not provided any evidence. There’s lots of video of the protesters, and none so far backs up the charges.
  • We don’t know who the people are who allegedly shouted these slurs. They could have been plants from some left-wing group. Anyone can show up at a public gathering.
  • If the allegations are true, the people who shouted are despicable. The (not alleged but actual) attempts to smear all the protesters and the entire tea party movement based on allegations about a few people in a public crowd are also despicable. Calling a black congressman the “N word” because he supports a bad piece of legislation is evil. Calling people racists because they oppose a piece of legislation is also evil.
  • None of this has anything at all to do with the massive fraud that the Democrats in Congress appear ready to inflict on America.

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