Establishment Media reinforce racial double-standard

This morning, RNC Chairman Michael Steele made some comments about Harry Reid’s alleged “Negro dialect” statement. Steele pointed out the obvious and blatant double standard that is applied to Republicans vs. Democrats in such situations.

Bringing another example of the establishment media’s inability to go beyond their own hackneyed liberal views, CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin, appearing this morning on CNN’s “State of the Nation” program, made some comments somewhat defending the double standard:

[CNN host John] KING: But when they say — Jessica, jump in, when you say they’re not going to let this get in the way, of course, the Republicans would like to keep this getting in the way. And their African-American national chairman, Michael Steele, who, as I said in the last block, is no stranger to controversy of his own, but he was out this morning making a point, Jessica.

Listen to Michael Steele. His point is, if a white Republican had said this, everyone wouldn’t go, oh, he apologized, it’s over.


STEELE: Mitch McConnell had said those very words, that this chairman and this president would be calling for his head, and they would be labeling every Republican in the country as a racist for saying exactly what this chairman has just said. So if I sat here and said what he just said, if Mitch McConnell used those words, no one would find it to be credible.


KING: The other chairman, of course, the Democratic chairman, Tim Kaine, sitting right there with Michael Steele.

JESSICA YELLIN, CNN NATIONAL POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: First of all, a masterful political play by Michael Steele because he would like to change the topic this morning from some of his own issues right now.

And sure it’s true that the Republican Party has a different history and a different baggage, Abraham Lincoln notwithstanding, on the issue of race. Just like the Democratic Party has different history and baggage on national security. And so they each have to be careful — more careful than the other party on those particular topics.

To some extent he may be right. But, look, and let’s point out we’ve all heard racial gaffes. Joe Biden himself said something very similar and he became — what did he say, he was — Obama was clean and articulate and he became vice president. So the country is kind of used to gaffes like this.

Really? It’s the Republican Party that has all the baggage on race matters? Not the party of Jim Crow segregation? The party of Bull Connor and George Wallace? The party of current Senator and former Klansman Robert Byrd?

By her inability to look beyond the typical liberal viewpoint on Republicans vs. Democrats and race, Yellin merely reinforced Mr. Steele’s point.

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