Kent Conrad: Senator Ben Nelson is a sucker

Senator Kent Conrad was on Fox News Sunday this morning, and essentially said that the “deal” (taxpayer-funded bribe) to Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska is a sham, “without a whole lot of meaning”.

Via The Hill:

“No Congress can bind a future Congress” to expand Nebraska’s Medicaid deal past 2016, when expansion in other states would run out, Conrad said.

Which is of course correct. But it also shows what a cheap date Ben Nelson is. His vote was purchased essentially for nothing but an empty promise. Harry Reid promised Nelson something that both know cannot be delivered, and Nelson sold his vote any way.

It’s all just more evidence the Democrats don’t care what’s in the bill, they only care about the political task of passing something. Think about what an utter disgrace that is – they’re willing to pass almost any bill, with little regard to what’s in it, which will affect every American, purely for political reasons. And there isn’t one single Democrat in the entire Senate who’s willing to stand up and say no to this disgrace.


2 responses to “Kent Conrad: Senator Ben Nelson is a sucker

  1. What an embarrassment for America. Shame on Nelson, shame on Reid, and shame on Obama for not standing up and stopping this charade. Arrogance, ignorance, and just plain “who gives a crap” coming from this presidency and senate. Getting anything to pass is their goal, whether it has any moral or substantive merit whatsoever. Nice job guys. See you at election time.

  2. And everyone is saying hey $750 is not too bad a fine, or 8 percent is not to large for small businesses. Yes, soon as small businesses start not offer insurance, they’ll just up the fees. And they can now do it through reconciliation vote.
    The main thing is that costs are not being reduced, they are allowing high risk patients to sign up with no policy cap. It’s like allowing people to buy car insurance after they get into a wreck.