Obama: Leave the fearmongering to me

From the AP, President Obama, speaking today to the AMA, simultaneously engages in and denounces fear-mongering:

President Barack Obama asked skeptical doctors Monday to get behind an overhaul of the nation’s health care system, declaring the system a “ticking time bomb” for the federal budget that could force the entire nation to “go the way of GM.”

Then just a couple of paragraphs later:

“…Obama struck back at critics of his efforts to reshape the health care delivery system to bring skyrocketing health care costs under control and expand coverage to the millions of uninsured.

He had his sharpest rhetoric yet for those critics, calling them “naysayers,” “fear-mongers” and peddlers of “Trojan horse” falsehoods who should be ignored. He warned interest groups and lobbyists not to use “fear tactics to paint any effort to achieve reform as an attempt to socialize medicine.”

The man who seemed willing to say anything to get elected continues the practice. Truth doesn’t matter, consistency doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, words are just a means to an end. This is what we get without a skeptical or adversarial press holding politicians accountable.

obama - words are cheap

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