Barack Obama and the parade of radicals he never knew

Barack Obama has to be the most naive and/or easily duped man on the planet. His latest story, which has now changed several times, on his relationship with terrorist radical Bill Ayers, once just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood”, is that he, Obama, assumed “that he [Ayers] had been rehabilitated”.

And he didn’t know Jeremiah Wright was a radical, racist, anti-American hate-monger, that Father Pfleger Flav was the same sort, that Rezko was a crook, etc. Obama just happened to associate with a bunch of radicals throughout his career, but had no idea what any of them were like. He attended Wright’s church for 20 years, but just happened to be absent whenever Wright went off on one of his regular bigoted tirades. He got a sweet deal on his mansion with some help from Tony Rezko, who Obama also helped to get millions of dollars for building some of Chicago’s slums, but had no idea Rezko was dirty. He had no idea the kind of thuggish radicals he was working with at ACORN. And he helped Ayers dole out tens of millions of dollars to left-wing “education” groups, kicked off his political career at Ayers’ house, and publicly praised Ayers’ book about juvenile justice, but had no idea what Ayers’ current views are.

And this is the guy who is going to go in and engage in “tough diplomacy” with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to end Iran’s nuclear program?

So which is it? Is Obama being utterly dishonest about his record, or is he completely lacking in judgment? Either should be disqualifying.


2 responses to “Barack Obama and the parade of radicals he never knew

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen…are you even paying attention? The more Palin harps on this, the lower McCain’s poll numbers get. As it all turns out, nobody is scared of the Distinguished Prof who was Chicago’s citizen of the year. Crazy, huh?

    Folks: coffee…smell. The Dow is flirting w 8K. NOTHING else matters.

  2. No decent American would call anyone “distinguished” who planted a bomb at the Pentagon and plotted to murder US servicemen.

    As for the correlation between talking about Ayers and the current polls, that’s ridiculous. It would make much more sense to observe the correlation between Obama’s lead in the polls and the decline in the Dow.