Republicans and Taxpayers vs. Democrats and ACORN

As we all learn the details of the proposed federal government bailout of Wall Street, one important point needs to be remembered. All parties have agreed that this is a real crisis, that threatens to possibly throw the U.S. economy into a deep recession or even a depression. In the midst of trying to negotiate legislation to help fix the problem, the Republicans in the House tried very hard to keep American taxpayers off the hook for as much of this $700 billion bailout as they could. The Democrats tried to inject various pay-offs to their left-wing political cronies, like union bosses and ACORN-type Democrat-allied political organizations.

This is truly scandalous, a gross violation of the public trust. Just try to imagine the outcry if Republicans had worked to give billions of taxpayer dollars to right-wing political activist groups in a bill to fund the cleanup and rebuilding after hurricane Katrina. It’s absolutely shameful, and the public ought not be allowed to forget it (Certainly Barack Obama, who once worked for the corrupt ACORN, ought to be asked about it).

The Republicans need to drive this point home at every opportunity from now until November 4th, and beyond.

9 responses to “Republicans and Taxpayers vs. Democrats and ACORN

  1. Vincent mongare

    Acorn stuff: Barack Obama knew exactly what he was doing.
    He knew about Acorn deals and that is why he did not want to be in D.C. This guy does not understand what it means to be a leader.’ Call me when you need me’
    is not leadership. Obama put Obama first and country second

  2. The Video Fannie Mae Officials Don’t Want The American People To See:
    If you agree, then pass it along To All Your Friends.

  3. I agree with Vincent. Obama knew exactly what he was doing with regards to Acorn. It’s scary to think of him as president. I have college age children that keep their opinions to themselves but say that even the professors push for Obama…they are both Centrists/Independents but say many kids they know can’t even explain what it is (issues) that sway them towards Obama..they said it’s more like a celebrity then political person among their peers. We shall see.

  4. I think the people who over bought on the houses they cannot afford, then let the houses go back and the bank can sell them at the loss they get…It is not my fault people are jealous…..

  5. The people should want to know what are the “fine prints” in this bill and who is making the fine print. The whole congress needs to STOP thinking of themselves and step up to the plate. If congress is really concerned with the American people Introduce term limits for the CONGRESS just like the President..Get these hogs out of there! Now lets see who steps up and pushes this comment into the bail out bill, That we all need! LIMIT THE TERMS !!!!!!

  6. Yes, now it can be told! Just as some Repubs are accused of being in the pocket of Big Oil, now we know that Dems are in the pocket of Big ACORN. The financial institutions quake, QUAKE at the mention of the word! Clearly, this crisis if the fault of the community organizers.

  7. Original “bail-out” bill that the Democratic party quickly
    tried to shove down our throats had a provision that would
    give not less that 20% of any revenues gained to ACORN.

    Check out this video on ACORN — this will blow your mind–

  8. Dems “shove down our throats?” Now, maybe you didn’t read the paper for a few days, Matt. But…

    1) A Republican wrote the complete text of the original proposal.
    2) The Repub President went on prime-time TV and threatened that without immediate action, “America could slip into a financial panic… More banks could fail, including some in your community. The stock marker could decline even more, which would reduce the value of your retirement account.” Before you state he was not so alarmist, here’s the video:
    3) The current Repub nominee for President suspended his campaign to “twist arms” and get the legislation passed – fast!

    Yes, agreed, there was some shoving. And we all wish Paulson & W. would show a little more restraint. Now, on the other hand, if by “shove down our throats” you mean “marginally improve the disaster occurring under the current crop of knuckleheads,” we are in total agreement.

  9. “…the current crop of knuckleheads”

    Calling the Democrats who caused this financial crisis names won’t solve the problem.