Barack Obama travels the world, telling local crowds what they want to hear…

…just like he does at home.

The AP reports:

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) – Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama vowed on Tuesday to work for a breakthrough in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations “starting from the minute I’m sworn into office.”

obama - words are cheap
Wow, what an inspiring statement, equally bold and realistic. That’s just the sort of audacious change people expect from Obama. Yawn.



“What I think can change is the ability of the United States government and a United States president to be actively engaged with the peace process and to be concerned and recognize the legitimate difficulties that the Palestinian people are experiencing right now.”

Right, because the United States government has never been involved before. How about a recognition that the conflict would end the minute the Palestinians quit engaging in terrorism?

Jordan’s king told Obama that an evenhanded U.S. policy would bolster America’s credibility in the Middle East and that achieving Palestinian statehood is essential for ending the Arab-Israeli conflict, according to a royal palace statement summarizing Abdullah’s remarks during a closed-door meeting with the Illinois senator Tuesday at Abdullah’s private Amman residence.

But this is backwards. The Palestinians themselves need to form a civilized society first, starting with an end to violence and terrorism, then they can be recognized internationally as a state.

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