President Bush lowers oil prices dramatically

The AP reports:

NEW YORK (AP) Oil prices have settled sharply lower for the second straight day, capping a dizzying drop that has left crude more than $10 cheaper in just two days of frenzied trading.

Let’s see, what happened two days ago? Oh yeah, the president revoked the executive order banning off-shore drilling, making future increases in production marginally more likely. Of course they don’t give President Bush any credit, they don’t even mention the president. He must never be mentioned in the context of any good news, according to unofficial DeMSM rules.

Republicans need to press for an end to the ban on off-shore drilling every day from now until the November election. Let Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and all their comrades step up to the podium and stand in the way of less expensive gasoline every day. Simply, voters have a clear choice – Republicans and cheaper gas or Democrats and more expensive gas.

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