Harry Reid calls it for the other side

From the NY Times:

As Congressional Democrats sought to reconcile their differences and send an Iraq spending bill to the White House, Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, said Thursday that “this war is lost,” a stark assessment that Republicans argued would demoralize American troops fighting in Iraq.

If that is the case (we do not believe the war is lost), then Senator Reid and his fellow Democrats who agree with him have an obligation to act on that belief. Not to talk, not to pass meaningless non-binding resolutions, to act.

It is morally unconscionable to send troops, to fight and possibly be maimed or killed, into a battle you believe they cannot possibly win. So those who believe as Reid does have a duty to bring forth a bill now to cut off funding for the war and bring the troops home as soon as they can feasibly be removed from Iraq. Not a year or 18 months from now. Now.

So the Democrats need to decide – are they going to continue playing political games when lives are at stake? Or are they going to show the slightest shred of (misguided, confused) courage and conviction, and put their votes where their defeatist mouths are?

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4 responses to “Harry Reid calls it for the other side

  1. Harry Reid should resign or be kick out.

  2. Harry Reid showed great courage. Much more so than the rest of the politicians in our nation’s capitol, who continually parrot the 2003 talking points that mislead our great nation into this unnecessary war.

    He is a hero.

  3. Making a defeatist statement and doing nothing at all make one a hero? You can agree with what he said, but “hero”? What a bizarre comment.

  4. > Making a defeatist statement and doing nothing at all make one a hero?

    You say ‘defeatest’, I say realistic. Look, this war was lost the day Bremer furloughed the Baathists. and you know it. Or, you *should* know it.

    You say ‘doing nothing’. I say, grounding an incompetent president and taking away the ‘blank check’ he’s had for FOUR YEARS.

    And it’s about time.