The Loving analogy is nonsense

Ever since the push to radically redefine marriage was started by the left, they have repeatedly tried to make the silly analogy between “gay marriage” and inter-racial marriage, specifically to the case Loving vs. Virginia.

The analogy is nonsense. There are no significant differences between a black man and a white man (and none whatsoever that have anything to do with the intimate marriage relationship). To believe otherwise is by definition racist. To acknowledge that there are profound, fundamental differences between men and women is simply to acknowledge the obvious.

There’s nothing at all wrong with our nation’s laws acknowledging this as well. Those who wish to be honest about this may ask themselves, “How important to me is the race of my partner?” “How important to me is the gender of my partner”? Try to find somebody for whom there’s any comparison, let alone equivalence.

The relationship between a man and a woman is profoundly different from any relationship between two men or two women. The most obvious, but by no means the only, difference is the ability to produce a child and provide that child a father and mother. For the New Jersey Supreme Court (or any other court) to force the people of New Jersey to proclaim that they’re the same is ridiculous, and an abuse of their responsibilities as judges.

It’s past time to let the people decide – submit the Federal Marriage Amendment to the states for ratification.


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