Exhuming McCarthy

So they apparently caught the CIA employee who leaked to the Washington Post about the alleged “secret prisons” in Europe. From the NY Times:

C.I.A. Fires Senior Officer Over Leaks

The Central Intelligence Agency has dismissed a senior career officer for disclosing classified information to reporters, including material for Pulitzer Prize-winning articles in The Washington Post about the agency’s secret overseas prisons for terror suspects, intelligence officials said Friday.

The C.I.A. would not identify the officer, but several government officials said it was Mary O. McCarthy, a veteran intelligence analyst who until 2001 was senior director for intelligence programs at the National Security Council, where she served under President Bill Clinton and into the Bush administration.

All we want to know is, will they now go after the leaker(s) of McCarthy’s name? Where will it end? Will the lefties blame the president, Karl Rove or Dick Cheney? Will they call those who “outed” McCarthy “leakers” or “whistleblowers”?

In an interesting twist, these secret detention facilities may not exist at all. Will Dana Priest have to return her Pulitzer?

Here’s an extensive roundup from Michelle Malkin

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