CNN Poll: Most doubt Bush has plan for Iraq victory

CNN released this poll data yesterday shortly after President Bush made his speech explaining his plan for victory in Iraq. So what do the data tell us? Nothing.

What does the poll released by CNN tell us? That the mainstream media are biased against the president and the war to liberate Iraq. But of course we already knew that. Why is that the conclusion? Because CNN rushed out these poll results soon after the president spoke, when most Americans had not heard anything about the speech:

The poll conducted Wednesday does not directly reflect how Americans are reacting to Bush’s speech, because only 10 percent of the 606 adult Americans polled had seen it live and two-thirds had not even heard or read news coverage about it.

There is some good news in the poll. Americans overwhelmingly reject the defeatist Democrat position on the war:

…the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Wednesday night also found nearly six in 10 Americans said U.S. troops should not be withdrawn from Iraq until certain goals are achieved.

Just 35 percent wanted to set a specific timetable for their exit, as some critics of the war have suggested.

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One response to “CNN Poll: Most doubt Bush has plan for Iraq victory

  1. where are the numbers on the cnn/usatoday/gallup polls since 11/17/05
    They took polls every 3 or 4 days in late Oct. when the approval was
    falling. Then they announced a “new” poll every 3 or 4 days with
    historically low Bush numbers.