Harry Reid says “Bush offers no plan” — as president offers plan

From the AP, via Yahoo News:

Even before Bush finished speaking, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid issued a statement claiming that Bush “recycled his tired rhetoric of ‘stay the course’ and once again missed an opportunity to lay out a real strategy for success in Iraq that will bring our troops safely home.”

The Nevada senator charged that Bush failed to meet a call by the Senate to tell Americans the administration’s strategy for success in Iraq.

But just a few lines later in the same article:

…The president’s address was accompanied by the release of a 35-page White House document titled “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq.”

Just another piece of evidence showing the leaders of the Democratic party will say anything to undermine the president and the war effort. They remain completely separated from reality. So much for all that B.S. yesterday about Bush signaling acceptance of the Murtha strategy, more or less.

Here is the Washington Post account of the president’s speech.

More reaction from CA Conservative, The Indepundit, and Michelle Malkin. Also linked at The Mudville Gazette Open Post.

2 responses to “Harry Reid says “Bush offers no plan” — as president offers plan

  1. I’ve read the “plan for victory”; and it reads like something prepared by a cheerleader. It is so vague and ill-defined that I would challenge you to define ANY specific metric for success – it ain’t in there. You guys do know that we’re losing the pr battle don’t you? Paying Iraqi news sources to convey favorable propaganda won’t work – but I’m sure you guys know that, right? I really feel sorry for you guys; you thought controlling Big Media would result in republican victories for decades to come. But the Internet has cut your agenda down to nothing. So sad.

  2. dano,

    Obviously there will be some people who don’t like the plan, and of course there are many on the left who will denounce anything the president does, but saying “there is no plan” is simply delusional.

    To the extent we are “losing the PR battle” it is in large part because the Democrats and the liberal MSM are offering a steady diet of misleading, defeatist propaganda to the American people – the Democrats’ shameful and slanderous “Bush lied us into war” meme being the most prominent example. Imagine how much better it would be for our troops if the Democrats actually supported them.

    Speaking of delusions, the notion that the major media in America are controlled by Republicans is as delusional as anything can be. You might as well argue the Earth is flat. It’s crazy talk.

    But thank you for visiting and commenting.