Senator Durbin: America like Nazi Germany

Laura Ingraham had the tape on her radio show this morning:

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), speaking on the Senate floor, described our interrogation practices at Gitmo (keeping the 20th hijacker cold or hot, or playing of loud rap music) as akin to something that “happened by [sic] the Nazis, Soviets in their Gulags, or some madman regime like Pol Pot.” Not only is this absurd and hideously inaccurate, but Durbin’s comments makes our military’s job more difficult, and encourages anti-Americanism around the world. Thanks, Dick. Tell him what you think by calling his Senate office.

That’s right, Dick. The Nazi concentration camps were known for turning down the air conditioning and pumping up the Christina Aguilera music. The gulags were known for providing prisoners with their desired religious texts and culturally appropriate meals. What an ignorant, hateful, despicable comment from this Democratic leader.

Democrats bristle if anyone even criticizes any of their anti-war statements — “how dare you question our patriotism!!!” etc., — but no decent, patriotic American compares the United States of America to Nazi Germany, Stalin, and Pol Pot. This is a despicable slander. It’s bad enough when some nobody kook on a leftist website like The Democratic Underground or The Daily Kos spews this kind of garbage, but Durbin is a U.S. Senator!

Durbin’s colleagues in the Senate should denounce his bile in the strongest terms. Hopefully, someone will make an ad stringing together all these sorts of comments from Charles Rangel, Durbin, Ted Kennedy, etc., along with the hateful invective coming recently from Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean. America needs to know that these aren’t just isolated rantings from the fringe. These comments are coming from the leaders of the Democratic party.

Michelle Malkin has more reaction to Durbin’s comments.

Here is the (pdf) transcript of Durbin’s remarks. (via Best of the Web)

Update: Captain’s Quarters has a lengthy rebuttal to Durbin’s comments. Also check out Right Wing News.

Some on the left are actually defending Durbin’s sedition: TalkLeft has a roundup.


8 responses to “Senator Durbin: America like Nazi Germany

  1. I’ve already sent an email to Mr. Dummy Durbin and chastized him for slandering
    the american troop that put their life on the line to protect idiots like him.
    I also advised him that I sincerly hope some of the troops pay him and his family
    and show him how cruel they could be if they were like he portrays them to be.
    I forgot to tell him to walk across the room and see what happened to Dewine’s
    son in his latest attempt at politics. He went from a favorite to only 12% of
    the vote in the Ohio primaries due to his fathers idiotic action in the Senate.
    Dummy Durbin should face the same fate when he comes up for reelection. Of
    course it would take a hundred thousand fed’s to police the polls in Ill. to
    prevent the criminals from putting him back in office.

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  3. Trent Lott was removed from his Senate leadership position for
    making laudatory comments at a fellow senator’s birthday celebration.

    Will Senator Durbin be removed from his leadership position for
    making comments equating America with Nazis, Stalin, and Pol Pot? I
    doubt it.

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  7. Where do you live in the USA? Did you hear what happened in Salem, Marion County, Oregon
    recently? The local government said the Nazis were “within their legal rights” to practice
    their behaviors!!!! What does that tell us???? Duh!!!

  8. RWright,

    We haven’t heard anything about Salem, Oregon. We’re not sure exactly what you meant by “Duh!!!” Perhaps you could have been a bit more specific.