Poll: 31% of Americans want President to pump their gas

An interesting tidbit on that Washington Post-ABC poll that was released yesterday:

Question: Who do you blame for the recent rise in oil and gasoline prices – (Other oil-producing countries), (U.S. oil companies), or (the Bush Administration)?

  Other oil-producing countries U.S. oil companies Bush Admin. None Other All Equal No opinion
04/25/05 26 23 31 5 4 8 4
10/15/00 36 22 24 1 2 5 9

It’s a sign of woeful economics education as well as ignorance of our system of government that 31 percent of the people polled blame the President of the United States for the price of gasoline. The poll notes that 24 percent of respondents blamed President Clinton for gasoline prices in an October 2000 poll, so the foolishness is bipartisan. President Bush gets a lot more blame though; probably all that nonsense in the campaign about his “oil buddies” had some effect.

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