Justice Brown speaks out…

…the radical secularist left doesn’t like it:

The Los Angeles Times provides quotes from a recent talk by California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown about the opposition to people of faith participating in public life by many on the left:

“There seems to have been no time since the Civil War that this country was so bitterly divided. It’s not a shooting war, but it is a war,” she said, according to a report published Monday in the Stamford Advocate.

“These are perilous times for people of faith,” she said, “not in the sense that we are going to lose our lives, but in the sense that it will cost you something if you are a person of faith who stands up for what you believe in and say those things out loud.”

To help prove Justice Brown’s point, Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State responded to her comments by saying,

“It’s so shocking that in the middle of this battle she would say such extraordinarily intemperate things”

The Times article provided no indication from Lynn as to what was shocking or intemperate about Brown’s comments, so we’re left to wonder. It looks like she stated the obvious.

The L.A. Times article is here.

Captain’s Quarters blog has more analysis here.

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