Senator McCain (D), Arizona

Captains’ Quarters blog hits Senator John McCain hard for siding with the Democrats on the filibuster rule:

McCain was a brave man in Viet Nam. He became a craven politician a long time ago, however, and almost everything he’s done since shows that he hasn’t changed a bit. If I still lived in Arizona, I’d be looking for ways to recall him from office immediately. It’s time for the GOP to quit kissing McCain’s ass and apply another extremity to it with noticeable force — and to strip him of his committee assignments as soon as possible. Let him switch parties if he likes. He’s useless and a disgrace as a Republican.

We’ve been lukewarm to the idea of ending the ability to filibuster. As a rule, gridlock is good in Washington D.C. As we stated before, we favor a return to a real filibuster – bring a judicial nominee out of committee, tell the Democrats the floor is open for them to debate for as long as they wish, and that one issue of considering that nominee will be on the floor until the debate concludes – no other business will intervene. If the Democrats vacate the floor, that will mean the debate is over, and an up-or-down vote will be called. The filibuster supposedly exists to allow for extended debate, not for endless obstruction.

But if there’s no will in the Senate to require real filibusters, then the fake ones in use now should be ended, at least for judicial nominations. As for Senator McCain, why exactly does he still call himself a Republican?

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